OnePass Password Manager

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In today's world, nothing is more important than trust and security.

Great discoveries in mathematics have allowed programmers to create secure systems to protect your data. They say some of them are impossible to crack. However, most of these systems are using passwords to control access.

99% of the time, this password will be the weakest link in the security chain. Several factors also worsens this problem, such as:

You can solve all of these problems with one software: the OnePass Password Manager.


System requirements

OnePass uses the Microsoft MSXML6 library. It is already included in the following operating systems:
It is also compatible with the following operating systems, but you will have to install MSXML6 if it is not already present.
OnePass also contains code to protect itself against unauthorized use. For that reason, it will require access to the Internet once every 90 days.

Technical details

OnePass is secure; it uses the Twofish algorithm. There are no backdoors... lose your main password and no one will be able to help you! Encryption is done with a 256-bit master key generated when you create the password file.

Only 19.95$ CAD. BUY NOW


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